Squashing the Competition in 2014

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Do wonder how your competitors get write ups, feature stories, quotes, and articles in newspapers, magazines, and trade journals?  With this short publicity guide, you will see your company’s name in print in no time.

1. Have an understanding of how newspapers, magazines and trade journals work.  Realize media pros are not interested in providing sales content to their readers.  They want to provide fresh and interesting content.  For instance, if you are located in Chicago and holding a food drive for local shelters during the holidays, larger city newspapers like the LA Times will not be interested in the story because it is not local.

However, if you were to pick a nationwide angle – how hunger is rampant in the USA and how local businesses can help feed the hunger in those cities – it would probably get picked up by a variety of publications.   Press release and email pitches are the ways to connect with the media.   If a journalist shuns you, don’t take offense.   Most media pros are bombarded with badly written pitches from self-serving and obnoxious PR people.  Just follow up in a couple of days.

2.  Be a strategic thinker.   If you have someone on staff that understands PR, have him or her take care of all related work.  If not, then hire a PR professional to plan, implement, and execute your plans. If you are a clothing retailer looking to target affluent women, you will need to draft a PR plan that demonstrates how you will get into local and national luxury magazines such as W and Vogue.

3. Find an insatiable and greedy market.  Research, research, and research more.

To be successful, understand everything about your market – buying behaviors, gender, education, income, hobbies, publications read, and household income.  Buy a list of names of people who have made purchases similar to the products or services you sell.

4. Positioning your brand and creating unique selling propositions are important.  Conveying the same message across all media is important as it creates consistency.  Your market should know what to expect from you every single time they make a purchase, visit your website, and deal with customer service.

For more information on getting publicity for your brand, product, or service, please contact Kristin at km@marquet-communications.com

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